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Our approach to Specialty chemicals distribution is to be your most trusted and resourceful partner. We have built up a significant customer base spanning diverse applications in Plastics & Polymers, Water & Environment , Electronics, Medical, Pharmaceuticals, Personal Care, Automobile, ........ and the list is growing.


These are essentially additives that improve and provide high-value effects for our customers' products

Our Key Principals

We distribute the following families of Nouryon products:

Polymer Additives

Nouryon is one of the world’s top producers with a broad range of Additives, for Plastics and Rubber applications, to improve processing, enhance properties– make them Anti-Static or Electro Conductive, Flame Retardant or control MFI etc

Key Products
  • Anti-Static –Armostat
  • Superconductive Carbon Black –Ketjenblack.
  • Flame Retardant Armoquell
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X-linking Elastomers

Nouryon 's range of Organic peroxides for cross linking of elastomers and thermoplastics is the largest in the world. These find use in a wide range of Industrial and Automotive parts, sports goods, wire and cables etc

Key Products
  • Perkadox– Various grades.
  • Trigonox– Various grades
  • Butanox – Various grades
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Curing Systems for Thermoset Resins

Nouryon is a global leader in curing systems for thermoset resins , coatings and specialty monomers. The range of organic peroxides include Ketone peroxide, Diacyl peroxides, Peroxyesters, Peroxyketals, Hydrperoxides, etc. BUTANOX, the world's leading brand for Methyl Ethyl Ketone Peroxides is owned by Nouryon

Key Products
  • Butanox M50– The Popular MEK peroxide (Pthalate free available)
  • Triganox/Cyclonox
  • Auxillaries– Cobalt/Vanadium/Amine accelerators
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Colloidal Silica

These are aqueous dispersion of nano silicon dioxide particles. Being the largest global producer of Colloidal Silica, Nouryon use ultra pure raw materials intended to give unsurpassed quality, consistency & stability. Their BINDZIL and LEVASIL grades are in high demand among end users in gel acid batteries, ceramics, inorganic, organic & non-stick surface coatings, plastic films, specialty adhesives, inks, foundry, construction, refractories etc

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We are the exclusive distributor for the Polyolefin, Styrenics and Engineering Plastics market in the four southern states of India.

Songwon is the second largest manufacturer of polymer stabilizers in the world. Established in 1965‚ Songwon operates 6 manufacturing facilities in Korea, Germany, USA, and China. They have recently acquired a manufacturing plant in India, with a view to intensify their presence in this growing market. All Songwon sites are ISO certified and are based on state of the art technology.

The strength of Songwon lies in its backward integration of key raw materials giving it complete control over production‚ quality and ability to weather uncertainties of raw material supplies.

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Songwon Brochure

OLNICA is a leader in offering customized solutions for Anti-Counterfeiting and Brand protection. They have patented technology for incorporating a “Taggant” with the following features

  • Invisible Security in Original Product
  • Total Traceability from Production to Market
  • Origin of Product Determined by Independent Control
  • Minimal Investment to Integrate Taggant in Manufacturing
  • Unique and Individual Formula for Each Application
  • Identify & Authenticate Original in the Field
  • Control / Identify Dilution
  • Assist in Legal Action
  • Data Backup in Cloud
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SANTICIZER and SANTICIZER-PLATINUM are renowned brands of Speciality Plasticizers for the PVC Leather Cloth, PVC Plastisol, Acrylic & PVC based Inks, Colour Concentrates, PU, Adhesives & Sealants, Leather Chemical, etc applications. Recently, Valtris purchased these brands and manufacturing assets from Ferro Corp USA. Valtris also acquired in 2016, Akcros Chemicals UK & India, a renowned producer of Polymer Additives. We bring to India the following range

  • Butyl & Alkyl Benzyl Phthalates: Santicizer 261A, Santicizer 160 and Santicizer 278: They are versatile fast fusing, low volatility, low migration/extraction & low moisture plasticizers
  • Alkyl Aryl Phosphates: Santicizer 141 and Santicizer 148: Highly efficient & USFDA approved flame retardant plasticizers
  • Santicizer -Platinum range of fast fusing and highly efficient non-phthalate plasticizers
  • Intercide, Lankromark, Akcrostab, Tinstab, Vulcabond, brands of biocides, mixed metal stabilizers, organo tin stabilizers, bonding agents & phosphites

Superior Graphite has been in the forefront of technology for the last 100 years in thermally purified graphite, coke and carbons for the Friction, Ceramics, Energy/ Battery & Metallurgical industries. Their unique Resilient Graphitic Carbon is much sought in advanced brake pads/friction markets, especially in Non Asbestos & Copper free formulations.

In lead acid batteries, our expanded graphite add significantly to cycle life and charge acceptance

For the Li-Ion Battery we have the latest spherical graphite for anode and expanded graphite for increasing conductivity in anode & cathode

Superior Graphite-Company introduction FormulaFX Friction Brochure Lead Acid Batteries FormulaBT- Li Ion brochure

H.B.Fuller added CILBOND UK in 2015 and now offer eco friendly, water based bonding agents & adhesives for bonding Friction to Metal, Rubber to Metal and Rubber to Polymer substrates. Cilbond also has a range of high efficiency solvent based solutions. For the first time, we offer a water based bonding agent to pass +400 deg C hot shear test in Automotive Brake pads. Our bonding agents are amenable to brush, spray or dip coat on to substrates.

Cilbond Brochure Cilbond Elastomer Selector Tick Guide


These are products that aid in production processing, utilities and environmental management in industry; they don't directly get into the product

Our Key Principals


Wex provides comprehensive water treatment solutions backed with in depth expertise and extensive services. The success of any chemical treatment program depends on its right application and swift response to system demands and upsets. The plant where Wex manufactures their products is spread over 25,000 square feet, equipped with the latest facilities including SS and Glass reactors to eliminate product contamination.

Wextech is a group company of Aquatech, a US based company offering solutions from concept to commissioning in Water & Waste water management. Click here for more details

Key Products

  • Cooling water treatment
  • Boiler Feed water treatment
  • Raw water/Waste water treatment
  • Fuel/Fireside additives
  • Reverse Osmosis Membrane treatment
  • Oil field Chemicals
  • Other specialty process additives


The Advanced Engineering Products cover specialty materials required for the country’s Automotive, Engineering, Aerospace , Electronics/Optoelectronics and Defense industries.

We have teamed up with world leaders in this field to offer a basket of highly specialized materials to cater this market segment.

Our Key Principals

Ferro inc., USA

Ferro is a global leader in technology based performance materials that meet stringent end-user specifications in industries such as Aerospace, Electronics, Telecommunication, Solar Power, Pharma, Automotive, Power Sector and so on. More Details Visit : www.ferro.com

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Electronics Packaging Materials

  • Thick Film Pastes
  • LTCC systems
  • Glass Powders and Pastes

Multilayer Materials

  • Barium Titanate
  • Additive Powders
  • Dielectric Formulations for Ceramic Capacitors
  • High Frequency Dielectrics

Epoxy Technology Inc. is one of the leading manufacturers of speciality adhesives for use in advanced technology applications. The world's leading companies in the electronics, medical devices, semiconductor and fiber optics industries rely on Epoxy Technology's products for their superior quality and performance. EPO-TEK products are sold worldwide through a network of qualified and trained distributors. We are their Distributors for India and Sri Lanka covering various applications in

  • Areospace/Military
  • Automotive
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Display/Haptic Touch
  • General/Structural
  • Electronic Assembly
  • Hard Disk Drive (HDD)
  • Lighting/LED/OLED
  • Medical Devices
  • MEMS
  • Optoelectronics/Fiber Optics
  • Petrochemical/Down-hole Drilling
  • RFID
  • Scientific Equipment
  • Semiconductors
  • Solar

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NuSil Technology, the global leader in space-grade silicones, brings over 30 years of success developing products for the most extreme environments, from deep inside the human body to the harsh conditions of outer space. Supported by our high-touch approach to customer care, we offer best-in-class product lines.

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Schmid Group

SCHMID offers a wide range of thermal processing equipment. These state-of-the-art furnaces are the culmination of decades of thermal processing expertise. What formerly was SierraTherm joined the SCHMID Group in 2009 and is today a maker of quality furnaces for the photovoltaic, semiconductor and microelectronics industries

Synergistix Represents them for the Thick Film Hybrids and LTCC, Belt and Box furnaces.

We have factory trained Installation and Service Engineers who can provide start-up and regular maintenance services.


The Life Sciences Industry comprising of Bio technology, Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare and Personal Care has shown tremendous growth over the last decade. Linked to steady growth in GNP, population and standard of living India represents one of the most promising markets for these products, and we have teamed up with world leaders of specialty materials required for these industries.

Our Key Principals

NuSil Technology, the global leader in medical-grade silicones, brings over 30 years of success in developing products for the most extreme environments, from deep inside the human body to the harsh conditions of outer space. Supported by their high-touch approach to customer care, our best-in-class product lines are the choice across the drug delivery, medical implants, general healthcare and skin care industries.

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Epoxy Technology, Inc® is a leading supplier to the medical device industry for over 45 years. Their products are used in the most challenging medical applications needing optical transmission, high bond-strength and resistance to hostile environments such as high temperature, radiation and chemicals. Epoxy Technology has an extensive line of bio-compatible adhesives for medical applications including: sensors, instruments, hearing aids, dental equipment, pacemakers, endoscopes and catheters. All products in this category are ISO10993 certified, and offer excellent resistance to various sterilization techniques including

  • ETO
  • Gamma Radiation / Ion Beam / E- Beam
  • H2O2 plasma and Sterrad®
  • Autoclave resistance > 500X cycles EPO-TEK adhesives also resist strong disinfectants such as Cidex® and MetriCide®

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Medical Brochure

“All products in this category are ISO10993 certified”


Pharma Stearates - Valtris now own Synpro-the global leader in Vegetable grade of Pharma stearates viz – Magnesium Stearate, Calcium Stearate & Zinc Stearate confirming to USP/NF, EP, JP & IP Pharmacopeia.

These excipients are most preferred by leading pharma formulators who export to regulated markets such as USA, Europe, Japan etc.